September 28, 2009


i kinda don't know what to post about! life has been normal, i guess. haha. last friday night dave and i went to the other rancho (cucamonga) to have dinner with josh & jenn. we had dinner at a new steakhouse, which was ok...but at least we branched out beyond red robin! (right jen?...if you're reading!) we always <3 hanging out with them. it's fabulous to be family & friends at the same time. and on that note...saturday, after a day of yardening, we had les & david over for some steak dinner! and as an added bonus, baby fell asleep on our couches, which gave us extra time to spend with them! we are also excited because they will soon be our within the city neighbors! woo hoo! i'm so excited for them. it's been a long time coming, and they've been more than patient!
oh, and in other moving news, my parents are buying a place! it's bitter sweet for me. (sorry to describe it that way mom). it's sweet, because i KNOW my parents are SUPER happy about this amazing step in their lives and i share in that. bitter because it was the house i grew up in, and that house, and all the memories, will no longer be where i can go "home" to. but i am excited for this change in their lives and how peaceful they are about it!
well friends, since dave has dashed out to bryan cowdells, i think i'll finish up the rachel zoe project, and go read in bed. which was my nightly ritual...until i got married. apparently the light disturbes daves sleep.


Cindy Munksgard said...

So where did your parents buy a house? Are they still in the Colima Ward boundaries? Congrats to them!!!!! Give them my love and tell them that I'm super excited for them!!!

Sarah said...

They are moving to a condo in La Mirada. Big step, because it's out of the ward. But they're excited because they will be back in the La Mirada ward where they were years ago and still have friends there.

Josh & Jennifer said...

Yes, it was a fun adventure. We love hanging out with you both as well. Thanks for coming out. Can't wait to hang out again.