September 1, 2009

design on the brain

i am forgoing the europe posts tonight to simply blog about my love of all things related to decorating. you name it, i get that butterfly feeling in my stomach thinking about how it would look in my house, where i could put it, how i could justify buying it, how i can re create the look for less, etc. and it's a good thing dave jumps onboard for alot of what i do. actually, dave is the brawn behind my brains. ok, so we share the brains part. and i am about 25% of the brawn
(the 25% that takes place at lowes, decorating stores, scouring websites, homegoods...)
SO, in my ongoing search for anything i can bring to life in my house, i've been checking out lots of blogs in the blogging world lately, and adding them to my 'must check daily' lists. i thought i'd share some that i love with you. you probably are already blog stalkers of them too...but for good measure i will share.
Our Suburban Cottage- cute, good links to fun stuff, and very cottage-y!
Urban Grace Interiors- An interior designer, who has fabulously fun taste, and a fun way of blogging about it and more.
Fly Through my Window- Sister to Urban Grace Interiors. Adorable posts, real life topics, fun fresh photography, and a country setting i'm slightly jealous of!
The Lettered Cottage- Clean, simple, and realistic before & afters.
Caitlin Wilson Design- LOVE her work. Stumbled across her, and i check back often.
now that i've shared some of my fave's, return the favor! i'd love to add to this list!


Brittany & Blake said...

wow! thank you for these links - i love looking at these kinda sites, especially when i am bored a work! so seriously, thank you! i love them.

Stockbridge Family said...

What awesome design/decor blogs! I love getting inspiration, and those are great sites... thanks for sharing!