September 19, 2009

just what i needed

annicole over at our suburban cottage gave me some needed inspiration tonight! i have been thinking of how to spruce up our front door area, and have been thinking "wreath". but, given this would be my first real wreath experience, i'm wanting to do it right! also, i have an opinionated husband, who said just twenty minutes ago "i hate wreaths". just great.
but wait....introduce the Etsy seller toinspireyou. guess what? in ten minutes time, dave said, " i totally like that" and "what if we painted our front door?" "HELLO! Dave!" i said..." let me show you this blog i JUST read!!" of course, he said "no, no that's ok..." but i persisted, and here we are, with a little inspiration from annicole, we paint shopped our door, just for fun.

our door now

door after (like my hand paint shopped wreath for the finshing touch?)

any other suggestions on door color? i'd love your ideas!
now, i know the front area is a little, sparse, for a nice word. but not to worry, my birthday present from dave was a lowes gift card to plant hedges along the brickwork, in front of those lights, for some added privacy and landscaping. also, i need a potted plant on the step, to the right of the door. something like this maybe?

from ballard designs

i'm seriously so excited to get a wreath and get moving on sprucing up our front entrance!


La said...

I am a big fan of red doors. Black would be nice too. Hope you find the wreath for you!

PS Congrats on the 2 year mark!

Leslie Ann said...

OOOOOO I love it!!!!