September 19, 2009

September 15th

Tuesday marked our 2 year anniversary Two whole years?! Already?! Seriously, time has flown by. And it has been great. I am so gateful for Dave, and all he does for us. We have had alot of things happen in the last two years, and I am glad for where we are because of it all! xoxo

Tuesday we celebrated by going to work, getting off at the normal times, and then catching some dinner at one of our fave's, Cheesecake Factory. I was able to work in a quick trip across the mall to Crate and Barrel, and with true control, left empty handed. We took some delicious cheesecake home, and called it a night! Low key and simple, pretty much. Just what I was looking for, totally!

This weekend we are here, celebrating.
Dave made us chocolate chip pancakes for breafast, and on the agenda today and tomorrow:
*Some antique-y decor shopping on Del Mar
*A nap
*Homemade mac n' cheese for dinner
*More realxing
*A walk to the pier
*Another nap
*Some manly car shows on Spike
* Some HGTV to counter the manly car shows


Leslie Ann said...

Such a good decision on both your parts. :)

We <3 you!!

Melly Mel said...

sounds like a great way to spend your night! you guys are great.
i like you guys,