May 31, 2009

Who knew!?

When we moved into our house I was like "holy random plants"!
We had trees, rose bushes, dead plants and randomly placed calla lilies. One Saturday Dave and I just started ripping stuff out. We got thru like 1/2 the planter beds we have, but it was alot to take out. Apparently whoever lived here before us had a green thumb that had turned brown by the time we moved in. Today I looked outside and said
"We have plumbs!" Low and behold a mystery tree is a plumb tree. I don't know if i'll try them, but it's fun knowing they're there. We also have grapes (I said random didn't I?) Oh, and I cant leave out our resident birds and their nest in our patio.


Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

you guys are so lucky! that's like my dream to have fruit trees in my backyard.