June 6, 2009

Birdie birdie in the sky, please don't turdy in my eye

(dave picked the post title today)

We just became parents of two. Two baby hummingbirds that it.
As Dave was cutting down a dead little tree in our backyard, he pokes his head at the kitchen window and says 'Now I know why the hummingbird has been humming around me for a while now'. Turns out just as he's about to throw the branches in the trash, he spots a little nest.
In it layed these two little peeps.
I was so sad! We didn't mean to displace your babies Mrs. Hummingbird, please forgive us!!

So i say to Dave, what do we do? "We raise them as our own". haha. I laughed, but I kinda think Dave was serious because now they are in a box, in their nest, on our dining room table. (Personally I think outside is better, because then the mamma could find them.) BUT, it started raining...

I have no idea what to do next. I'll keep you posted on our two new little birdies.


David Collier said...

Good job with the birdies..... How do they smell? You should go to the pet store and see what they will eat... maybe meal worms? maybe just sugar water.