March 23, 2009

Smells like fresh paint

So Dave and I got a bit anxious and decided to buy paint and paint our 1/2 bath. We've been looking at colors since before the house came along, so we knew what we wanted. On like our umpteenth time to Lowes this week we found paint on sale, so we said, why not? Here are some pictures. Now I need to add some decorating touches to the space. New touches, seeing as how my black hand towels and rug don't really go now.
Any ideas??

Rewind to Saturday. We worked in the yard. My new word for it..."Yardening". Not quite gardening, not just weeding. And speaking of weed...I hear Dave say" hey, check this out". I walk over to see this little guy (was fresh and not curled up) on the walkway. I'm not too up on my marijuana, so i don't know if it's legit...but we got a good laugh. Among that we found a bunch of randoms in the bushes....
- Farberware steak knife (creeepy)
- Shoe insole (gross)
- Spiderman head from a toy
- Razor Blade
and an
- Icee wraper (made me want one)


Brittany & Blake said...

I love the blue - good job on painting it looks really good!K- knife and razor blade...hmmm.hah

Katie Jackman said...

I love the grey blue. And you know I'm a fan of Waines Coting.

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

oh my gosh, i love that [blueish-gray?] color! you guys are such cute homeowners, i love it. :)

King Klan said...

so i have a blue like that and i went w tan and brown to acent

Sarah said...

I thought about that...but then i went with a beachy theme and did white accents and just bought some cute frames that are distressed wood with blues, whites and grey. (kinda like a wood fence).