November 2, 2011

wicked cute

Happy late Halloween everyone. This year was, obviously, Shelby's first Halloween. I don't know about you other Moms out there, but I felt quite the pressure (not from anyone, just internal) to make sure Shelby was ready and totally cute! I'm sure there are much better things I could have worried about. Much more important things I could have done with my time instead of endlessly browsing Etsy. Oh the laundry I could have done while I searched for leg warmers and witch hats, and the time I spent trying to find a plain black onesie?! Who would have thought that would be so difficult! But I mean really...I'm glad I did. We went to trunk or treat for our ward on Saturday and spent Halloween night at Leslie & Davids with family. I had good intentions of walking with Shelbs and Dave through the neighborhood, but in true 3 month old fashion, she fell asleep. I can't even believe that next year she'll be a big girl and walking around. AHHH! One day at a time, right? Right.


Abby said...

So cute!

Leslie Ann said...

Seriously, I have not seen a cuter baby costume. Your hours were well spent! Love that girl!

Josh & Jennifer said...

What a great family picture. You all look great. She is so adorable. Love the little hat. All that searching paid off. =)