October 23, 2011

My Thankful List {3rd ed}

Life has been good lately. Really good! It's not necessarily one thing in particular, but just a series of days and events. This week, our schedule was full. I think Shelby and I had plans every day this week 
(which made for a cranky baby by Saturday!)
Shelbs sitting big in her stroller @ Dianeyland

We played, we went to Disneyland, we visited, we dined, we shopped, we said goodbye to a life and celebrated another, we spent quality time with family and by yesterday, we were tired. We topped off a busy week today with a church meeting for each of us, followed by church itself, a nap for Dave and Shelby, and then a wonderful evening spent at the Ruby Jane foundation event. It was a nice evening, for a wonderful cause. (If you'd like to know more about the foundation, visit here). My wonderful parents came out to watch Shelbs while we attended. It was a great way to end a busy week. It made me feel especially grateful for eternal families and the togetherness and friendship that can come through our church. 

I'm hoping that this weeks offers a lighter schedule. Someone needs to get some decent naps under her belt, and another someone needs to clean some house. 

Tonight i'm especially thankful for...
1. Grandparents who love their Granddaughter.
2. A full nights sleep.
3. Shelby's new favorite play thing, her play mat.
4. Non-ingrown toenails. Having one stinks.
5. Homemade bread for toast for breakfast.
6. Generous parent in-laws.
7. The RSM lake across the street.
8. A husband who does my "honey do's" without complaint.
9. Being the winning bidder on a retractable screen door.
10. The moments that only I can comfort Shelby.


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such a great list!
i'm so glad it's november!