November 14, 2011

{4 months}

Time needs to slow down. I feel like I'm on a fast train and although the ride is smooth and my favorite people are with me, I look out the window and see precious moments and stages flying by. I am trying best to enjoy the moments, savor the sweetness this little lady brings and embrace the new milestones that keep creeping up!

For my own (and I'm sure my Mom's) viewing pleasure, some of Shelbys 4 month milestones and our favorite traits.

- she finds her pacifier chain, grabs it and pulls her paci out over, and over, and over...
-she can almost put it back in again.
- we have giggles. Official, someone is making me laugh giggles.
- stopped sleeping thru the night. Then started again.
- her bald spot is bad. It's been rubbed smooth.
- she will let me cut and file her nails without throwing a fit.
-when she comes downstairs, she always looks at the pictures of Dave and I and her.
- occasionally I'll hear her waking up with coos. It's so cute!
- she sits in her stroller like a big girl.
- when she's relaxed she'll hold her hands together and we say she's being 'reverent'.
- she can sit on my hip now. I feel like I have such a big girl on my hands.
- we have a half roll over. Haven't ever got all the way over, but we're working on it.

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Josh & Jennifer said...

4 months!!! Wow where has the time gone, it seriously seems like Shelby was just born. She's getting so big. Love that she has her favorite blanket on her walk wink wink...good thing there's sugar in it. =) Good job on signing up for the 5k. They are contagious before you know it we'll be doing a half marathon =). You'll be great.