November 9, 2011

my thankful list {4th ed.}

as i'm watching the nate berkus show, he's having a 'favorite things' segment. reminded me of oprah's, but on a much more modest scale. these kinds of episodes always get me excited. i know i'm not getting any of it, but i always feel the thrill of anticipation for what the audience has in store. i think i'm living vicariously through them. during the segment, the popcorn looked delicious, the keihls products made me want to buy some, and then i got to thinking what are some of my favorite things? how fun would it be to be able to give my favorite things to other people?! then my thoughts drifted to wants, and then i stopped myself and looked around. i have so much to be happy with! i am truly blessed. so i'm definitely not giving things away, and i'm not necessarily going to list my favorite things, but in lieu of wants, i figured i was due to be thankful. and it is november. tis the season, right?

in no particular order...
1. crock pot meals. speaking of which, corn chowder is cooking as i type.
2. nice neighbors. we took a walk/jog the other night, and stopped to chat with some of ours. makes me feel part of something, a little safer and warm and fuzzy.
3. daily chats with my mom. i mean seriously, who listens better than a mom?
4. having a family. going from 2 to 3 has been the best thing ever.
5. shelbys night time routine. i love our quiet moments. she's sleepy, sweet and cuddly.
6. the season of all things pumpkin. round two of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies will be made today.
7. my mommy baby yoga class. twice a week with my friend lisa and a handful of mommys and their babes. it's so nice to relax, be with fellow moms and treat my body right.
8. our trip to the temple with aaron and whitney. it was much needed, and much enjoyed.
9. free magazine subscriptions (as long as i cancel them by jan.) from loehmans.
10. friends in my ward. it's great to heytell, text, laugh, plan black friday and craft.


whitney johnson said...

such great things to be grateful for! and kiehl's products really are something to get excited about...i use their moisturizer and it's pretty awesome! :)

Mrs.S said...

OMG-What a cute lil girl you guys have, your such a beautiufl family..
Im a new follower, check out my blog=)