October 11, 2011

New leaf?

Although her 'official' 3 month birthday isn't until later this week, it's seems as though week 12 has brought about some changes. Big changes. Fantastic changes. Like she's turned a new leaf. You see, Shelby has never been a tough baby, but she did enter a fussy stage after she exited the newborn-sleep-all-the-time phase. Then, one night last week, she slept all night. 10-6. What an amazing (once in a while) thing I told myself! Then it happened again. And again. Soon it had been almost a week. On what may have very well been the same day, she slept in the car, without a peep. And that was a big difference from the Shelby who cried hysterically when the car stopped, and almost as suddenly stopped once I hit the gas. (Once I realized that's just how it was going to be, it was hilarious how fast her switch flipped from crying to silent). But now, she just hangs out in the back seat for the most part. And I'm SO ok with that. And lastly, she's started to fall asleep randomly on her own. What? My baby needs to be bounced, held, rocked or nursed to sleep. Nope. In my lap at the in-laws? Asleep. Laying in her crib for naps? Asleep. Playing on her playmat? Asleep! I loved this little girl at birth. I loved her at one month, but my love for her grows deeper and more intense every day! I want to eat her up. Eeek! I just can't get enough!

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