October 15, 2011

{3 months}

Yesterday was Shelbs 3 month birthday. It's hard for me to believe. Time flies and we love her SO much! I'm torn between loving the changes I see in her every day and yearning for the tiny little baby she was not long ago.

Some of our favorite things about this age:

  • The conversations and cooing she does when we talk to her. 
  • How her little legs rarely stop kicking.
  • Her fist is her new found friend.
  • Last week she started sleeping through the night. 
  • 3 months brought about a more mellow and happier her.
  • She tracks us and follows our movements.
  • I feel like I finally know her needs and wants.
  • Naps have become easy and routine.
  • She smiles at most everyone!
  • The chunky rolls on her thighs. Just wanna eat them up!
Can't wait to see the changes the coming months bring!