August 27, 2009

cherbourg, france

i decided to keep good on my semi-promise from earlier. i am feeling a little more blogger-ish tonight, so i'll post about stop #3 on our cruise, but i 'll have to detour from Spain like i said earlier.

stop #3 was Cherbourg France. it was a cool little fishing village. i don't remember too many specifics about it (other than the fishy smell, bleh) but what i do remember was a very cool church and some adorable yummy little french bakery's on the street. back to the church though. we found it on the map, listed as Cherbourg's Notre Dame. my favorite part of it? the bullet holes in the cement all over the church. dave remembers it as the "place with the skate park". yeah, so we know what matters to dave, and apparently it's not centuries old historic structures.










Nate, Emily, Elle, and Truman Smith said...

love your blog!!! thanks for the pics! love it!