August 22, 2009

back home, and back to decorating

Dave and I had a little date night last night. Ok, we're childless, so everytime we go out is pretty much a date night...but anyways. We went to Jerry's Dogs, which if you haven't had, is delicious! We dined on fine soda's, cheeseburgers (plain) and then I popped the question. "Do you think, that umm, maybe when were done, we could, maybe, i dunno...just pop into Home Goods? Cause it's just right here, and we have the whole evening...ya know?" haha. He said yes. After insisting that my suggestion was premeditated, which is completely untrue. It was absolutely spur of the moment and in no way thought out beforehand.

So the result of our date night is this great new addition to our home. I brought her home to test her out in our master bath...and i think she'll stay! She's a shade of light grey/blue with some creams and a charcoal color. (there's not much natural light, so the picture isn't as good as it could be). I think she fits into the scheme very well. Anything tan/brown would have just gotten lost in the tile. And i need to try not to get caught in a tan funk! Although it's still not bold, it goes well since the bathroom opens up into the master.