February 12, 2009

Arizona with the Andersons

This past weekend Dave and I and Josh and Jenn drove to Arizona for Josh's sister Risa's wedding. It was a great weekend! I hadn't seen alot of the Andersons since our wedding, and i'd never been to Cottonwood either. Thank you Angie for putting us up! It was a good time!
I seriously love my new family!!!


Cindy Munksgard said...

You came all the way to AZ and you didn't see me? Ha ha. At least the weather was nice. :)

Leslie Ann said...

You two are so good looking together!! (And I love Josh in the background of the top pic!)

Brittany & Blake said...

Cute family picture! Thanks for posting them so us who couldn't make it can see everyone! Josh is pretty funny in the background of your picture.. hah