January 27, 2009

DVR=Worlds Greatest Invention

Well I feel like i have been a total slacker in the blogging department.
Here a little catching up...A few weekends ago the Anderson family went to Calico Ghost Town. I had never been, so it was an interesting trip! I though it was going to be a little more "abandoned" and not so commercialized, but there were some totally cool things. Like a house that is built on a hill at an angle (which I totally got dizzy in the moment I walked through the door!!) Oh, and Dave mooned Leslie while she took pictures of him behind the outhouse. haha. It was hilarious (and inappropriate) but really funny. Although now it's all over her facebook. lol.

On another note, this season is the season of TV for Dave and I. We have SO many shows we DVR and then try to fit in when we get home every evening!

Sunday: Extreme Home Makeover

Monday: 24 (Dave), The Bachelor, True Beauty

Tuesday: The Real Housewives of OC, American Idol and The Biggest Looser!

Wednesday: American Idol

Thursday: The Office

Kinda embarrassing! But I'm guessing some of you might be in the same boat?!


Leslie Ann said...

Oh Sarah... the Bachelor?! Noooooo! David and I watched it last night while we played Scrabble (just because it was the only thing on all seven channels we get) and could hardly stand it! Those girls are such snakes! We were dying! How on earth do you get Dave to sit through that?!

Jillian said...

dont be embarassed because I actually have more shows than you do! I have to fill up my lonely nights somehow...why not with trashy tv!!!

Abby said...

Oh Sarah...I'm in the same boat, but worse. I think I have more shows than you do. Oops!

Ashley said...

We're totally in the same boat! Dont' worry!

Monday- gossip girl, the city, bromance (don't hate!), and the bachelor- which by the way is amazing! We need to convert Leslie.

Tuesday and Wednesday- Idol of course!

Thursday- Ugly Betty

Sunday- Desperate Housewives (I highly recommend this one!)

The DVR makes it all possible!

Sarah said...

Oh good, all of you make me feel so much better about myself! :)

jessenpetty said...

What a fun vacation for you guys! I remember going to that house and it made me dizzy too! Thanks for bringing back memories for me. I love the pictures too. You guys are so fun! Jesse and I don't watch tv but I'm sure there are many people out there that are "in the same boat" as you. Your too cute!