July 3, 2007

Sunday in San Clemente

Well, this weekend seemed to fly by pretty fast. But who am I kidding...i'm still not working so days fly by fast period! On Sunday we went to San Clemente after church to fix dinner. Dave's family is going to be staying there this whole week. We had some delicious BBQ steaks, and relaxed on the sofa. It was a really nice night. I love being there because you can hear the waves if you're sitting inside or sit on the balcony and watch the ocean and feel the breeze.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and I'm SO glad I don't have to work! I'm going down to meet Dave at the condo in the morning and we're gonna spend the day relaxing, BBQing and then watching the fireworks they set off the pier. I even get to stay the night so I don't have to battle traffic on the 5 north that night. Thank goodness. Should be fun!


King Klan said...

sounds like fun. ok so your hair grows so fast. you just got it died and i can see your roots like when we did your pictures what the heck. anyways call me and we will do something.

Sarah said...

I think it's just a shadow. Cause my actual roots are just starting to show. Lets hope it doesn't grow that fast...then i'd be spending ALOT of money at the salon....wait...I already do...haha