July 12, 2007

Forced vacations: Love it or hate it?


Today was yet another day with no work. It's seriously not fun anymore. I get sick thinking about the money I could have made. BUT in better news, my second go at fingerprinting has gone through, and now just needs to clear. Which is better than never processing at all. I'm crossing my fingers that they will clear by tomorrow so i can do orientation on Monday. We'll see where finger crossing gets me, cause it hasn't gotten me far yet.


Time off work gives me time to A) Work out, and B) Spend quality time with my stay-at-home-mom friends. This morning I woke up late from a bad dream. Dave and I had been chased by some random bad guys, then one of them got in our car, and then *gasp* shot Dave in the back! I was hysterical and crying, telling him he couldn't die, screaming for help. You get the picture. Then I woke up all nervous and on edge. Ick. I went to the gym, jogged for a couple miles, did some crunches and listened to Rascal Flatts on my Ipod. I love them. (I want to go to another one of their concerts soon.) Straight from the gym I went to Shawnelle's and we went in the pool. It was pretty warm outside, and I was perspiring just a little (understatement!) so swimming felt oh-so-nice! The girls went with us, so we chatted and waded around with them. Sharlee...(or was is Kaia?) fell asleep in Shawnelle's arms. We took that as our cue that it was time to get out. So we called it a day! I came home, made myself a healthy lunch, put through some laundry, and who knows...maybe i'll watch Oprah before I take a shower. After I think i'll go to Target to hopefully find some bathing suits for the honeymoom.


Dave said...

i just figured out that your sunglasses look like the OAKLEYS from the early 80's except they are not "hot" colored. Haha.

King Klan said...

it was kaia that fell asleep. oh can you e mail me those picture to afgshawny@hotmail.com thanks

Katie Jackman said...

Okay well I loved you being on vacation. But back to work. You'll be wondering why you were in such a hurry! Anyway, Dave... I know exactly what sunglasses you are talking about. Randy's dad has a pair.