August 28, 2011

Who doesn't love Costco?

I mean really, isn't it the best? The prices, the quantity, the samples! I love that I can get toilet paper, chicken breasts, order glasses and then grab a frozen yogurt on the way out!

I decided I wanted to try their photo's on canvas to put up in our house. I've heard that they are nice, and for a totally affordable price. SO, I ordered up two canvases. (I admit, I have a hard time committing to things being hung on the walls. Or, I end up changing my mind or style too soon after I hang something up.) So I figured that these would be pretty timeless and could even be moved around the house when I change up my decor.
I'm pretty pleased, and a little less nervous to start putting more up around the house. After over two years, it's about time, right?!


Josh & Jennifer said...

Love the pictures. They look really good. We need to come see you & the pictures in person wink wink.

Healthy Branscoms said...

Love your pics! I just found your blog and wanted to become a follower but I couldn't find your follow button. :) Love your blog! Erin