August 29, 2011

my thankful list {1st ed.}

I have to give credit where credit is due. My lovely friend Whitney writes an "especially grateful for" post each week. Well, with a lot of time sitting and just 'being' with my little love, I've had many moments to reflect on what and who I'm grateful for in my life. So here's to new traditions.
today i'm thankful for...

1. A husband who this weekend morning took the baby and let me catch up on a few hours of much needed sleep.
2. Swiffer dusters. They make a necessary task almost fun.
3. The vibrating/swinging/noise making swing that puts my baby to sleep.
4. The time the above mentioned swing gives me to shower/put in laundry and sometimes take a nap.

5. Being home to prepare dinners at a decent hour.
6. A sister & brother in law who we enjoy sharing meals and time with.
7. Cold ice water. I just can't seem to get enough of it!
8. A dog that actually let me (kind-of) brush his teeth today.
9. Shelby having wonderful, local Grandparents that love her and can't wait to see her.
10. That my wedding ring fits again after being pregnant. I keep looking at it and am glad to have it on my finger.

Thanks Whit for the inspiration to take some time and be thankful for specific things in my life.


whitney johnson said...

sarah! this is such a wonderful list, i love it! cold ice water really is the best, and you guys are lucky to live so close to both your parents! farmers market tomorrow?? :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Whitney!It was all from your inspiration. And yes, farmers market! Can't wait.