August 24, 2011

Dave Approved

I've been waiting over a week to make this recipe I saw on Kelsey's Essentials (on Cooking
Channel). I am a lover of Mac & Cheese.
I make a homemade one that's my Mom's recipe, and surprise...Dave likes it!
For those of you who don't know Dave, he can be, well...hard to please. He's a minimalist with food. How minimal you may ask? Let me elaborate...

No marinades.
No fancy sauces.
Hamburgers= Meat, cheese & bun only.
No weird veggies.
No salad. Except Caesar.
No condiments.
Bananas and avocados should not exist.
Nothing that can get "mushy".
And always add salt.

So when I come across something new, I always make Dave give it the good ol' college try. If he hates it, well, I'm sadly left to only make it for myself from then on. BUT when he likes it...I FEEL SO PROUD! Tonight, I was hesitant for him to try the Mac & Cheese. I, on the other hand was super excited. The moment of truth came. He took a few bites, I resisted asking too quickly what he thought. Finally I couldn't hold back.
S: "What do you think?"
D: " I never want to have another mac & cheese again"
S: "??Huh??"
D: "Yeah, it's pretty flippin good."
S: "YES!"

And with that, skillet mac and cheese has become a new Dave approved recipe that can make it's way into our meal rotation. Sweet success.


V-Ron said...

I totally relate!!!

Abby said...

Haha. Good job! Funny, we had homemade mac and cheese last night too. I used a Martha recipe, though. And Matt liked it a lot, but he'll eat anything, so your accomplishment is much better:)