September 5, 2010

Labor Day? Yes Please.

I was very much ready for this weekend. It's been a long 2 weeks at work. The last 3 days of this week were hectic, and I welcomed a three day weekend with open arms! After sleeping in, we spent Saturday doing some yardening, like crazy people in the 90+ degree weather. But we have weedless planter beds, freshly mowed grass, new grass seed on the side yard and a wasps nest that we thought we killed...maybe one more spray today will do the trick!

Can anyone else spend hours straight looking up recipes on I love Paula Deen,
and a simple search for her mexican rice turned into searching through 17 pages of lasagna.
I had to call it quits, I was getting overwhelmed, ya'll!
It's hard to want to make these dishes that take a bit of prep and cook time when I roll in close to 7pm from work. So I have to find a balance of good food, at reasonable prep times.

Speaking of preparing food, tomorrow we are getting together with Dave's family, who are all down from Utah. It should be a fun BBQ/pool party. I am going to make some cupcakes and take some chips/dips. I ate these delicious cupcakes at our Monday night FHE group a few weeks back. Lindsay made them,
and they're on her food blog, (which has some fun/yummy recipes you should try!) and while I was looking for them, I saw a bean dip too. Don't mind if I do!

I'm still waiting on this little lady. I'm anxious to burn it, and can't wait for the holidays so I can get the peppermint one.

Happy Labor Day everyone, enjoy your day off. I know I will!