September 19, 2010


Loves his truck and car TV shows.
Goes to the store for eggs..and comes back with 10 Amps, HoHo's...and eggs.
Takes pride in the garage and what goes in it.
Can and will vacuum, leaving perfect lines.
Has had three jobs in 3 years. And is finally where he's always wanted to be.
Finds something he loves, and wears. it. out! (Shoes, shirts...etc.)
Excels at almost everything he takes on.
Loves McDonalds.
Likes to take scenic drives and look at houses with me.
Can sleep in until noon.
But can't sleep well at night...
Loves salmon for dinner.
Wants a puppy.
Likes his back scratched.

Loves HGTV and The Rachel Zoe Project.
Can look at blogs and decorating websites all day long.
Enjoys a big diet coke with ice.
Can't imagine life without Target.
Loves it when he vacuums.
Hates to mop.
Enjoys fall and winter more than any other season.
Likes the drives she takes with him.
Loves to read.
Doesn't eat fish.
Can sleep in until noon with him.
But sleeps well at night too...
Secretly hopes to come home to a puppy from him.
Gets easily teary eyed watching Extreme Home Makeover and lots of other shows.

Met on the internet.
Had their first blind date a month later.
Married less than a year after that.
Balance each other out well.
Love their life together in RSM.
Toy with the idea of getting a puppy weekly.
Enjoy deciding what project to take on next in their home.
Celebrated 3 years together on Wednesday.
Look forward to many more!


Dave said...

I love you! happy 3 year anniversary! Its been fun.

Brittany Webster said...

Congrats! What a cute post!

Abby said...

Happy Anniversary! Ours was Sunday--Sept. is a good month to get married:) Matt had so much fun seeing Dave (very briefly) last week!

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone :)
Abby, Happy Anniversary! Dave always has great stories to tell me about his time spent with Matt. I'm glad they were able to get together, and we can't wait to see you in a month or so!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for good stuff.