July 18, 2010

Waterfall and some BBQ

For the last week, Dave has been Sport Fishing in Waterfall Alaska.
While I totally missed him, it was great to hear that he had a good time with the men in the family and enjoyed their quality time together.

And even though I don't like fish, we now have a freezer full of it!
I see some salmon on the BBQ in our future...and maybe, maybe, i can make some fish tacos (which i'll eat!)

Last night we had a lovely Lucilles BBQ dinner with these fine folks! As always, i enjoyed the BBQ ribs, and I had a great time chatting, talking decor with Emily, driving around Tustin...quickly :) and complaining about the server who kept asking for 2nd and 3rd times if we were sure we wanted refills on biscuits.
(Note to servers: When a customer asks for more biscuits, don't not bring them for 20 minutes, then come back and say "You still want those biscuits?" because YES...we would still like them!)

It's nice to have Dave back. I missed my housemate :)


Josh & Jennifer said...

How fun, souonds like Dave caught TONS of fish. Don't worry, you DON'T have to have us over for any of it. haha, love ya guys. Hopefully we will see you at the beach tomorrow night for the family bonfire.