January 17, 2010

bring on the rain

Yesterday was Saturday, and a productive one at that. In the corner of our garage was a stack of things.
things that needed to go somewhere.
things that we (I) just let sit there for too long.
SO, before i took off and got my new project started, Dave and I cleaned. for the most part, the "things" were boxes of my life.
boxes that my parents would randomly give me to take home after i got married and moved out.
boxes that pretty much held all my past.
photographs, letters, momentos, more pictures, scrapbooks...you name it!
poor dave continued to clean the garage while i would pop up from behind the boxes of stuff and say
"look dave, OH MY GOSH, you have to see this...it's my pager from like forever ago..."
"DAVE! Look at this picture of me and Katie! We were like 15, and at the river..."
"Dave, look, have you seen my first car? the blazer? you must have before! right? well look, it's a picture of when i first got it..."
Dave would patiently (at first) humor my trips down memory lane, until the minutes turned into hours. He was a good husband though! I finally condensed my past into 1 smallish sized box. i couldn't help but feel a whole bunch of emotions, and actually a little guilty about getting rid of so much.
On to more happy things! after cleaning up yesterday i started on my new project
.reinventing a coffee table.
dave got me all set up in my new work station. i forgot to get a "before" picture, but here's a "during" picture.
Today, i've picked up around the house, am lounging in comfy clothes, and watching the dark clouds roll in & rain start to fall. I'm ready for some heavy rain. The kind you can hear in bed at night and that makes you want to put on a fire and make some hot cocoa :)
For tonight, i'm letting something else do the work in the kitchen

If weather permits and isn't pouring too hard tomorrow, i'll see if I can get more work done on my project. And that's going to be possible because I'm OFF! Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King!


Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

I can't wait to see your finished coffee table!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I'm seriously really excited to see how it turns out. And when we moved out of Aaron's mom's house Aaron did the same thing with all his boxes. He took pictures of everything before he threw things away, so now we just have tons of [pointless] pictures on our cam. (don't tell Aaron I said that!) :)

Sarah said...

hahaha!! That is kind of funny, photos of all his momentos...hmmm. Actually maybe a good idea, just put it all on a CD and call it good! I wanted to keep certain things, like my pager! I mean how cool will that be to look at in like 30 years?! lol. And i will SO post more pics of project coffee table! I want to finish today, but it's rainy with no natural light...so i may have to wait :(