February 9, 2010

Around this house

I wanted to get to the gym tonight, and i like going before dinner rather than after. So i took out my friend the 'neuro fuzzy' (yes, that's really it's name!). It's my rice cooker, and a good one at that! I mean, what good would a rice cooker be without playing a little jingle to tell you it's ready?! I came home with 4 minutes remaining, great timing or what by Mr. Fuzzy? Then it played it's little jingle and kept my rice all warm and soft until the rest of dinner was ready :)
I think dave and i were either gone or had people over, every night last week. It was a wee bit busy, and i am SO glad to be home, relaxing, and watching my shows. Do i sound old lady-ish when i say "my shows"? Like it's the daily dose of As The World Turns or something? haha. But really, i know it might not be wise to admit it, but it's true. I think we have a show we watch every night of the week. Thank goodness for DVR! Speaking of shows, i have to make a plug for the best show: Modern Family! I LOVE Cam & Mitchell. I mean, how awesome are they and Lilly?! LOVE IT!

Now i'm all cozy on my couch, with this great blanket my mother-in-law got me for Christmas. Each of the 'ladies' in the family got them, lovingly handmade by Lacy & William, found here. Not only do they do the coziest lap blankets for adults, they have awesome baby blankets and other cute accessories! I got Mallory (Katie's new baby) a cute cotton/flannel polkadot one. Adorable!! I promise, it's as soft and comfy as it looks!
....and of course, a quick shout out to my favorite Ashley, and her firm email reminders of my need to update my blog more than once a month. <3 you Ash!


robyn said...

you're so funny and cute. ha ha i love reading what you have to say!

Abby said...

I LOVE Modern Family. It is the best show ever.

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

you mean it's not normal to have a TV show for every night of the week??? :)

Sarah said...

Whitney, it's normal to us!!!


Kirk + Chelsea said...

I NEED that rice cooker! Too awesome!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

I NEED that rice cooker! Too awesome!

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