January 11, 2010


If you're like I used to be, you may just kind-of 'skip' reading the posts that don't have pictures. And if that is you, I don't blame you! I mean, really, what fun is an update minus the pictures?! SO, i will add a photo or two. And maybe a link, just to make it worth your reading pleasure.

With the new year, usually comes resolutions. We had a great FHE with our group last week talking about new years "goals". We each wrote down the things we wanted to do or accomplish this coming year. Most of our lists got pretty long, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that i probably won't focus on more than two. I thought, it was probably more realistic for me to focus on a few. SO i narrowed it down for myself. I won't bore you with my personal goals (actually, some of them I just don't want to publicize) haha. BUT i will tell you that I have some things I will be starting soon that I am excited to get moving on!

Also, I wanted to share my favorite blogs of 2009. I know you all have your token "read daily's" so, i thought what better way to begin 2010 but show you those that i discovered in 2009.

So go, visit, read, be inspired, browse their older posts for hours (what? Me? NO!) & enjoy!

In other news around here:
  • My very much needed new flat iron is waiting at my doorstep (or so my UPS tracking says)
  • I got 5 loads of laundry done on Saturday!
  • My nail polish is going on 6 days with no chipping! (are these getting too cheesy?)
  • My bed that we thought was sagging and defective was just sagging due to a broken support underneath! It's like sleeping on a new bed! Ahhh.


Kirk + Chelsea said...

Not cheesy one bit! I must be too rough on my nails- I already have chips like crazy!!