November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving is done. The dinner has been eaten, we've hugged & kissed my family goodbye, we're home now, and I wanted to reflect on some things that I'm thankful for.

1. My family. Mom & Dad. Small in numbers, but perfect for me.
2. My husband Dave.
3. The Gospel, and the peace it brings me.
4. A home of our own.
5. Nasal spray, and it's amazing ability to take away my allergy stuffed nose.
6. My Aunt Chrissy, and the tradition of The 24 days of Christmas.
7. In-Laws that have always made me feel more than comfortable and loved.
8. Christmas music as soon as Thanksgiving is done.
9. My niece Raegan, and how stinkin cute she is!
10. Family who are not just family, but friends.
11. Office night Thursdays, Wipeout Wednesdays...etc.
12. Katie & Randy. And the girls. They're like family.
13. Pedicures. Especially the part where they scrub all the dead icky stuff away.
14. Sweat pants on a chilly night.
15. A husband who is very handy around the house.
16. Down. Down sofa cushions, down pillows, down comforters...
17. A mom who listens and listens....and listens even more.
18. Our safe neighborhood and city.
19. Friends from the ward, and those we've met because of them.
20. Getting snail mail from Mom & Chrissy.
21. A husband who vacuums, really well.
22. Coupons. In any money saving form.
23. How my family says "Shut Up". Alot. (noticed that today. very funny!)
24. The blessings of tithing.
25. Days off of work to spend with loved ones.

I'll end it for now. But know that I could go ON and ON!
I hope everyone enjoyed their day, took time to be thankful, and are as excited for the Holiday season as me!!