November 8, 2009


I've been thinking, or maybe I should say, dreaming. The focus of my daydreams?
I want to really tackle this room, but i'm coming upon some issues.
A. $$ (there's none to be found around here for decorating and purchases)
2. The perfect design.
So, in light of #A's reasoning, i'll continue with my "dreams".
Today, i came upon this site. And found these!

I've seen the fabrics many times, but for some reason, i haven't ever gone to the Schumacher site. SILLY ME!! Now i'm thinking fabrics, chairs, upholstery, drapes, area rugs,'s kind of how Dave describes how his mind works when he starts thinking about cars...overload!
So, fellow friends, some of which are very decorating saavy, any ideas on what to do with this pretty much blank slate of a room?


Brittany Webster said...

Love the sites, so I know you said A. $$ but I would do an area rug, big ottoman, I don't know what is behind the this room, but move the couch so it is facing the fireplace, 2 overstuffed recliner chairs, as some greenery and some patterned drapes. hah so even if dave says save $$, ditch that idea because ours are better!

Daniel said...

When you get a little of the $$ Im thinking can lights, 6" crown and a nice sized mantle. Maybe a colorful area rug......:)

Sarah said...

hahahaha. Dan, i just totally cracked up when I saw your comment. I love your idea. It's totally on the "plan"!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

I love all of the prints! I especially loved that hand towel you have for your guest bath- too cute! We'll see you guys later on tonight:)