December 1, 2009

A little Saturday yardening

Saturday was a fun day. We went to the swapmeet with the Andersons, then lunch at Wahoos, and in non Sarah style, skipped shopping at South Coast to come home with Dave and do some yardening. Yes, i think i've used my new word here before. Yardening. Not quite yard work, not exactly gardening.
Back in July for my birthday, Dave gave me a gift card to work on a section of our front yard that needed love. Well, alot of it needs love, but we decided to start with the patch in front of the front door. It needed some shrubbery, something to add a little privacy, seeing as how we're a corner lot. It was sprinkling a little, but we grabbed a cart and got familiar with the "boxwood" section.


We had a good time, the weather was great, and now our front yard is looking much improved! Oh, there's much more to do, but it's all about baby steps!

Now bring on the Holidays!!


Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

i loooooove the shrubbery! now you're officially ready for me to take you guys' christmas pic in front of your new house! :)

Brittany Webster said...

Much better! wow and when they are all grown it will look so nice! good job!

Abby said...

I am a little bit jealous that you have your VERY own house (more than a little, actually). Very very cute. Good work!

Dave said...

Abby, anytime you and Matt want to stay you are definitely welcome to! Hope your holidays are great! Chucky Matt for me!

Leslie Ann said...

Sarah, it is BEAUTIFUL! AMAZING! I am so impressed! You two are professional. Now I know who to call when it is our turn to fix up the front yard... great job!!