July 7, 2009

weekend update with sarah anderson

Hello all. Well, I'm back to the daily grind, and I won't lie, I am not too enthused about it! I mean, who really wants to go back to work after a weekend of sun, family and relaxation?! Not I!
I really didn't take many pictures. Too busy doing nothing! :) I hope all of you had a great 4th with family, friends, and hopefully some fireworks!

Does anyone else feel super tired coming back from a 3 day weekend? I'm thinking early bedtime tonight!


Abby said...

Coming back to work from a long weekend is the WORST. I like three-day weekends when the extra day off is a Monday better; at least the week you come back to is only four days long.

Oh well--it's Wednesday already. Halfway there!

Looks like you had a perfect, relaxing weekend:)