July 30, 2009

just checking in

today was a lonnnnng day. we took my center to the oc fair. and can i say...my children were SO good! i am so happy about how beautifully well behaved they were! we saw lots of animals (chicks, steer, goats, sheep, pigs, piglets, birds....) and of course what would a trip to the fair be without some rides? so we tried to appease, key word tried, everyone. we did a 4-d mummy ride, the big slide, and a measley log ride (that they all loved). they partnered up like pros, held my hand, were quick at the bathroom breaks, did 2 finger touches while petting animals, and even said their pleases and thank yous!

i have a few, meaning at least 3, to-do lists on my phone and work desk for pre-vacation things. i have a list of carry on items to be sure to pack, a target shopping list, and a general to-do list. i like lists. they make my brain feel at ease. if it's on paper, i can refer to it, and either delete it or check it off. so rewarding! and then there are the things i keep remembering at inconvenient times, like while i'm driving. like setting up an auto mortgage payment. nothing big right?

well, i should get back to eating my pizza that dave ordered so i didnt have to cook...oh and setting up that payment!


Abby said...

I've been to the OC fair:)Your posts often make me miss California--we were just there for a few days and I want to go back! Have you seen the new "tasks" tab on gmail? It creates a to-do list right on your email (pops up like a chat box). When you check items off it puts a check mark by them and a line through them--I love it!

Sarah said...

I have not seen that! (probably because I don't have a gmail account i use...) but thats a nifty tool! I was bummed we didn't get to see you on the wedding weekend :( hopefully next time you're here we can all get together!