July 25, 2009

.the frustration has passed.

About my blog deleting. a few of you posted nice help afterwards. Les, I will try that control key thing next time this happens, and Cindy, i looked up the last edited version it saved, but because of my fabulously fast fingers...it was only like the first two sentences!

Ok, on to the meat of the post. Saturday for Mel's bachelorette partay we dined at The Mayan, then went to the SkyBar at the Red Lion for dancing. (Editors Note: Ash, myself, Leah and Audrey didn't dance. We chatted and sipped pina coladas).The rest of the weekend was not really documented with pictures...but there was shopping at the Park City outlets, and some laying out at the pool (with molcasalsa for lunch!)

Monday evening we walked Ash's roomates dogs, Cassius & Laila (as in the "boxers" Muhammad Ali and daughter) to 7-11 for some sodas.

Mel and Brent Hawker were married on Tuesday. The Draper Temple was amazing and Melodie looked fabulous!

And I can't leave out the homes, no more like chateaus, on the hill above the temple.

V-Ron with the sparklers we waved as the newlyweds left the reception.

It was a great little vacay. It was great to see my friends, especially now that we're growing, our lives are changing and the quality time together is fewer and far between. And thank you to my wonderful hostess with the mostess...Ashley!