July 23, 2009

Not the post I was hoping for

I am so mad. I just spent like 10 minutes writing about my trip to Utah for Mel's wedding and staying with Ashley :)
Then somehow I highlighted it all and backspaced, deleting everything. UGH :(
So over it for the moment. I'll post pictures later when I'm not as angry.
P.S. My birthday is on Saturday!! Yay.
P.S.S. SO excited for vacay...2 weeks from today!!


Leslie Ann said...

CTRL + Z!!!!!!!!!! Would have fixed it.

I'm sorry.

Sarah said...

You know, i was gonna call you...but dave said there was nothing I could do!!

Dave said...

I dont know any of the "nerd" codes

King Klan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope it is great

Cindy Munksgard said...

Usually when you are writing a post Blogger automatically saves it...did you look in your list of posts to see if it was still there?

Happy early birthday and have fun in Europe!!!