October 8, 2007

A place of our own

Well, our apartment is coming along. Slowly but surely. It seems like every time I get it really clean and tidy, something messy comes along. For example, dinner always creates a mess. Not a huge one, just one I would rather not make. But I can't leave dirty dishes. I'm not that kind of girl i've come to find. Then we get a fabulous new bedroom set!...which leaves my old stuff everywhere. But, I might have to take all my complaining back, because as I type, Dave has stuffed all my old bedding into boxes and is putting them in our storage! Anyways, I'm super excited to get our wedding pictures so I can finally put things in frames and hang stuff on the walls. But, until then, what I have is pretty cute...or I think so at least!

When Dave and I got back from our honeymoon, his sister and bro in law had got us a dining room table and set it up. We were so excited to have a place to eat!
(don't mind the big box in the background...Its a mirror we still need to hang up)When we were registering at Target, apparently Dave scanned a pig holding a chalkboard...and we got it. He loved it, and pretty much put his foot down and said we're keeping this!
So, it's in our kitchen, and he's written sweet things on it in the mornings, which is so totally cute...even though I thought the pig was icky and ugly. haha.

This weekend Dave and I got the cutest beadspread for our new bed. We're in love with it, and we're now getting things to finish up the decorating touches in the bedroom.


King Klan said...

ok this looks great and I'm trying not to be jealous but I must admit im not doing a very good job at it. One day I want to come and see it all!

Jillian said...

love the bedding...where is it from may I ask??

Sarah said...

Ok, i'll spill the secret. But shhhh....Target :)

Just for Melissa said...

I think that is so funny about Dave registering for the pig! haha... it's cute. You've gotta write sweet nothings and never stop. It will hold you two together like glue. It will make your day better. So cute you've already figured that out. It takes years for couples to figure that one. Love you guys! I love your apartment.

Marissa said...

I actually love the pig. Your apartment is super cute. Way cuter than anything we ever had starting out. Good for you guys!