October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Yesterday was Maddie's birthday party at Chuckie Cheese. Is it ok to admit that I like that place every once in a while? I think it's just the pizza...because I definately know its not when Chuckie starts dancing with all his creepy friends. There was a nice power outage a few minutes after we got there, so we all sat in the semi-dark and waited for the lights to come back on. Eventually they did. But anywho...it was nice to see Katie, Randy, their family and some of our friends. Me and Dave are a little too old for the games, so we just sat and ate and chatted. Dave came up with a good idea for a den or bonus room once we get a house. A ball room. Like the one's there and at McDonalds. Good idea....in theory. Maybe when we have kids...cause if I were a kid, that would be awesome!

Oh and the best part was getting to hold Delaney most of the time :)