September 28, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson!

Well, i don't have much time (Dave is sitting next to me saying stop blogging so I can spend time with him...) so i'll keep it brief.

1. I'm married.

2. The temple was amazing. I loved seeing so many loved ones there.

3. We totally didn't feel any different driving home. Just on a mission to get a Carls burger.

4. My bridesmaids looked fabulous!

5. The reception was beautiful.

6. ...from what I remember of it.

7. Fastest 3 hours of my life.

8. I officially dispise red eye flight. Especially on wedding nights.

9. I think I drank my weight in Diet Coke on the cruise.

10. We had such a good time on the honeymoon!

11. Which brings me to the new idea Dave and I retire so we can be on a constant vacation. Good idea huh?

So here's a few pics of our week in the Caribbean!!

i'll post more later!


King Klan said...

yea! glad you are back you look great! You old married women

Jillian said...

woo are a married woman! How fun! Isnt it crazy how your wedding day just flashes before your eyes and then poof, its over!

Melissa said...

Hey Sarah! I love your post! You should post pictures from your wedding day! My dad has them and they turned out pretty well. Do you want me to send them to you? Your honeymoon sounds like a ton of fun. Glad you guys had a good time!

Marissa said...

You got to have sex all week on a boat! So jealous!!!

Sarah said...

Jill: I know! It went by SO fast! I was kinda sad to feel like it was so short and not get to fully take it all in.

Melissa: I have a few of them, but feel free to send them my way! ( There are bound to be some I didn't get!

Marissa: I KNOW! I am lucky huh? lol