October 14, 2007

Pizza & Root Beer

After Maddie's party Dave and I went with my friends Ashley, David, Stephanie, Alexis, and Brandon to a place in H.B called Brewbakers. You get to brew your own beer (or root beer in our case) eat pizza, and make pretzels. I had never even heard of this place, so we figured it was something a little out of the ordinary for a Friday night.

We had to roll this heavy keg thing back and forth for like fifteen minutes. It was pretty funny. After Ashley got bored rolling it, she hopped in a basket on the back of a bike and took a little ride around the parking lot.

So after we kicked the can, we bottled our own rootbeer and took it home.

It was pretty darn good!


King Klan said...

ok Dave is so looking at your butt

Dave said...

I can do those sortof things now! Its nice isn't it!