March 26, 2012

Vegas (with) Baby!

This weekend we packed up our little family and headed to Vegas for our 6th Annual Anderson Monster Jam trip. Obviously this was not our first time, and it's become quite the tradition for us! Every year we add newcomers to the mix, some repeat, some come when they can, skipping years due to plans, births, small babies and more. But each year we've been able to count on Daves cousin Josh and wife Jenn. It's our thing. This year the Jackmans made a strong presence, with Katie, Randy, Matt, Rachel, Amber & Jasper. We loved having them there, and I always enjoy having my bestie (Katie) around.

Saturday, because of our dear friend Johns efforts, we were able to go on a behind the scenes tour at Shark Reef. We truly missed John & Darby, but because of a tragic family event, they were unable to attend. We enjoyed our tour in his honor!

Highlights of the weekend included-
Cafe Rio (Katies first experience!)
Neilsens Frozen Custard (my first experience!)
Monster Jam
Expensive buffets
Shelby cutting her FIRST TOOTH!
Becoming new iPad owners
Shelby sleeping thru the night every night!! (double exclamation needed)
scoring some steals at the Quicksilver outlet
Neilsens. Again.
And making it home in 3 hours!

Now who's in for year #7?!

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