March 5, 2012

dear shelby

as some of you may know, i've started a new little adventure. i opened an etsy shop and am going to be selling headbands for babies, toddlers and little ladies. the shop is named dear shelby, and i'm excited to get it up and running. check it out when you have a moment! share it with anyone you know, and like our facebook page too while you're at it!

of course, with selling things, comes the part where you photograph the things you're selling. well, for fun, i set shelbs down today, and started shooting away. it was conformation that i will be finding someone professional with a good photography eye to snap some gems. in the meantime, lets take a peek at the dear shelby (adorable) rejects.


Leah Baird said...

What a great idea to open an etsy shop! Good luck to you! Shelby is such a great model!

DKANDERSON1211 said...

Shelbius looks stoned in some of those pics.