February 8, 2012

Destination: Caribbean

These past two weeks we had the opportunity to go on an Anderson family vacation. If you know Dave's family, then you know their preferred method of vacationing is cruising. And really, I must agree, they are a wonderful way for families to vacation. Accommodations, food, destinations, entertainment...it's all included. So away we went! We flew to Miami and spent a few days there to get used to the time change and hopefully get the kids back on a schedule, which was such a good, generous idea! We took a very fun boat tour of the bays and harbors in Miami, saw lots of gorgeous houses! On Saturday we headed to the port and boarded the ship. Now, I must pause and explain this ship. I was SO excited to go, and mostly because of this boat! We went on Oasis of the Seas (Royal Caribbean), which is currently, the biggest cruise ship in the world! When Dave and I were on our honeymoon, our waiter told us about a ship they were building that was going to blow away all other ships, and it was going to possibly have a mini zoo, go-karts, etc. Well, Oasis didn't have a zoo or go karts, but it does have Flowrider, a zip line, a mini-central park-like area, a carousel, a mini-golf area, ice skating rink and so much more! After 7 days on board, i still hadn't seen all there was to see!

Now back to the cruise...
We went to Nassau, Bahamas, St. Thomas (where we took a taxi, then a boat, then another taxi, and went to a beach in St. John) and St. Maarten. The beaches were beautiful, the sand was so soft, the weather was a good 80 degrees, not too hot, but not cool. The days at sea were windy, but even though, days at sea tend to be my favorite! You can sleep in (or not, since we now have Shelby), lay out, go get a late breakfast, wander the ship, do nothing, do something or do everything. I feel so much more productive during days at sea. We had some great times, and despite Dave and I's serious lack of sleep, Shelby was wonderful during the days. She even fell asleep in her highchair during dinners. She was such a super trooper!

It was so nice to be able to spend time with the family. Shelby got alot of time with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Mikey, who she doesn't see as much since they're at college, and of course, her cousins loved up on her tons! She especially likes it when Raegan dances for her. 
Now we are home, relaxed, with good memories, but I've never been so glad to have all of us in our own rooms, our own beds, and back on our schedules!


Josh & Jennifer said...

How fabulous!!!! What an exciting trip. Can't wait to hear more about it.

adamandleah said...

Your trip looked so fun! I crave cruises I think they are the best way to travel! So I'm curious how this works with a baby? Did you need to bring a pack and play? They don't charge for babies do they? How about a high chair? etc..

Sarah said...

Leah, I agree, they are the best way to vacation for families! They do charge, I'm not sure if she was full price or less, but sadly, she cost! They provide a pack & play and highchairs at dinner. At least Royal Caribbean did. They even had a "Royal Babies & Tots program". It was a full on nursery where for $8/hr. from 8am-midnight you could have them babysit. We didn't do it, but I wasn't opposed to the idea! (Would be nice to get a night out to yourselves!) Lots of story time activities, a full play room and even a toy check out program! It was tough with one her age at night, but I bet Chloe`s age would be easier!