January 17, 2012

{6 months}

Oh how time has flown by.
(This could be my post title for each Shelby update, now couldn't it?)

6 month Shelby:

  • You roll over now. Mostly just to one side, then back to the tummy. You have yet to roll full circle.
  • When you get to your tummy, you look up, so proud, and give the biggest grins!
  • Panda is your favorite toy. Dad is proud of this, as it was HIS present HE picked out. Panda plays music, and you can pull the handle and skip to your favorite tunes.
  • The stage of kicking your legs violently in your crib has arrived. Thank goodness you're in your own room.
  • We seemed to linger in size 1 diapers, flew through 2's and are now in 3's.
  • You weighed in at 16.8 lbs and 25 1/2 in. long.
  • Sweet potatoes made their debut last week, and were welcomed with an open mouth.
  • Peas made their debut tonight...and were met with spitting them back out.
  • The highchair also made a debut. You particularly like it when we roll you from room to room. (could you be any more like your Dad in your love for things with wheels?)
  • As you've found your voice, a new pterodactyl like scream has emerged. Ugh.
  • No teeth. Yet. Maybe by your 7 month update...
  • It may be time to store away your baby swing. A sad day this will be indeed.
  • But in the swings place has come the activity bouncer.
  • You sleep through the night, on the most part. Although we've had some rocky past weeks.
  • If I get you at the right time, in the right mood, i can lift your arm, attack your armpit and get some good laughs.
  • As Grandma found out today, 6pm Shelby is an angry, moody, cranky, screaming Shelby.
  • When your laying down next to me, you put your hand up to my mouth, stroke my face and smile and I give your little hand kisses. 
  • Your Dad LOVES you tons! (More each day, if you ask me). He typically gets you from your crib each morning and brings you in bed with us. It's a few minutes I look forward to every day. 

Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet girl, we love you. 


The Yates said...

hey! just came across your blog! love all your pics. shelby is such a cutie.

i think i'm going to need the recipe for that braided bread! soo good.

see ya!

Amanda said...

Time does fly with kids. She is adorable! 6 months is my favorite baby age.