February 13, 2012

{7 months}

I think in terms of growth & development, month 6 to 7 has been the least full of changes. Yes, there have been some, and you're always making us smile, but it's been mostly continual developments of things you've already been doing.

7 month Shelby:

  • You will wear sunglasses if it's sunny. And you keep them on!
  • You became a lil' traveler, as you went to the Caribbean with us. 
  • You roll over all the way now, and roll around the room quite quickly!
  • The baby swing went away for good. It was the end of an era. 
  • But Aunt Leslies borrowed bouncer is your new favorite activity. And mine too...it keeps you occupied forever!
  • Six o'clock Shelby has toned down the craziness. Thanks in part to above mentioned bouncer. 
  • You are back to sleeping through the night, and I thank you SO much for this continual gift. 
  • You're quite the gymnast, check out those baby splits!
  • Changing your diaper is getting tricky, you try to roll over now and have to hold things to keep you occcupied. 
  • Peas ended up being welcomed with an open mouth, but green beans got the gag. 
  • We gave you carrot sticks to suck on at dinner. They were a hit!
  • Gunner and little doggies make you giggle. You love your Gunner and his licks.
  • Still no teeth. Maybe by our 8 month update?