March 8, 2011

You know it's been a while when...

You have to re-type your username/password 4 times because you forgot which one it was! Duh!

So on to better's been confirmed (and if you're on my FB or a personal friend, this is OLD news....

It's a GIRL!
We are excited to have a girl on the way!
I think that when we found out:
a. I was initially a bit shocked (why? who knows. I knew I was pregnant and didn't have my heart set on a boy...I guess reality just set in!)
b. I started to get excited for all things girly! The ideas started swirling in my head, and I felt like I could really plan for the future. Strollers, nursery deocr, names, cute clothes...the works!
And in other breaking news...I stumbeled upon some websites I don't know how I didn't know about before.
I was on a blog I enjoy getting ideas from, and saw these member only sights that offer daily deals at discounted prices. And I mean good stuff! Like what you ask? For example, today at Hautelook, Stila Makeup and Joes Jeans are discouted and available for sale.
On Joss and Main Analon bakeware is on sale, and the Foundary has Calphalon! Sweet!
I'm going to list them all below, and if you're not a member, please join. Not just for me, but because of the sheer amazingness of deals and online shopping opportunitites that you can open up for yourself. haha. And yes, when you join, and invite your friends, you get credit. How pyramid sheme-ish you may say...BUT there aren't any strings attached. No fees, no nothing. Just pure simple shopping joy, given from one member to another :)
Joss and Main:
The Foundary:
One Kings Lane:
You can thank me later ;)