July 21, 2010

We have...

Tonight at the Anderson residence we have:

- Fed the missionaries dinner, and were done and cleaned up by 6:15
(quite an accomplishment in our full time working home)

- Dug out plants in the process of Dave replacingbroke sprinkler valves.

- Attempted to re-plant these plants elsewhere.
Only to decide we didn't like them there...

- Berries. A ton and a half of them. They drop at an incredible rate.
It's a little out of control

We also have lovely across the street neighbors who are selling their home :(
The positive side of this: You now have the chance to be OUR neighbors! If we have to loose good neighbors, we are now on the hunt to find our own new ones!

We could BBQ together, ride down the street on our motorized wheelchair, play tennis together at the neighborhood courts, watch Modern Family on Wednesday nights, get each others mail while we're away, borrow cups of sugar...the possibilities are endless people! So if you, or anyone else are interested...
go here (address is 17 Pima Ct. RSM 92688)
It really is the chance of a lifetime. We're pretty awesome :)
And we fairly regularly blast Journey, ZZ Top or The Doobie Brothers at rather loud levels from our living room...


Whitney Warner said...

that is so cute! if i had the money, i would love to be your neighbor! I think we would get along really well and have lots of fun in the motorized wheel chair!