July 10, 2010

A (not) short & sweet Saturday

Today was busy, and long. I know this because my contacts are blurry and dry. And my eyelids are very, very heavy.
But first i'll backtrack...
The 4th was a great weekend. Much relaxing was done. And falling asleep to the sound of the ocean can make one feel really spoiled. (So much that the the first night's sleep back home was a restless one). This is our only photo...and only thanks to Whitney!

Today was a good day.
Nordstrom previewing
some light house cleaning
a pedicure
a long, productive date with Target
and a beach bonfire for our friend Lauren's birthday

All in all, i'm beat! I'm off to bed, because i'm literally falling asleep as I type.
Tomorrow and Monday will hopefully give me some good blogging material.
Until then!