February 24, 2010

My boo-boo bag

Last week, in a freak incident, i tweaked my lower back. (ok, ok, i was flipping my hair back and forth after a shower to get the water out, and on the downward flip...bam!) So although it's not so freakish and more ridiculous, it happened, and it hurt. So that day, i was checking out Etsy (which I LOVE!) and found these.

I fell for the fabrics, and had been thinking of getting a heating pad to soothe my muscles. I ordered it that day, and have been anxiously awaiting them ever since. It even came with a smaller eye bag for my migraines! Not that i want to get a migraine anytime soon, but when I do get my next one, it'll be much more enjoyable!

They came from Comfy Creations, which has all different kinds to help you relax and feel better.
So it came today, and i'm currently enjoying this warm lavendar scented goodness while watching the olympics.


Abby said...

Cute fabrics! Hope they help make your back feel good as new.

Whitney said...

DUDE! I am totally ordering one of these. I have upper back pain every day of my life and Ive been using my parents heat pack from the 70's LITERALLY it is so old!

Sarah said...

Whitney, you have to get them! They smelled pretty good. I think you could even request a peppermint scent? And it stayed warm surprisingly longer than i was thinking it would!