December 12, 2009

Julie's big birthday bash!

A group of 5 of us girls celebrated Julie's birthday today by doing dinner at Benihana's and then dashed (and by dashed, I MEAN dashed!) to see the Nutcracker Ballet! Dinner was, um, an experience?! Lol. No, really, it was fun to chat with the girls, see the classic "onion volcano" and get free dessert due to a little 'vent condensation' mishap. The ballet was so neat, seeing as how it was my first ballet experience! I still am in awe of how these people stand on their toes and look so darn graceful! If i tried that...well, first of all, i wouldn't. So i'll stop at that! :) Now i'd like to see an even more "professional" ballet and expand my experiences! I even saw two of my little preschoolers during intermission. It was a great evening, with great people, and was happy to have a reason to do it all!

Happy Birthday Julie!!


Kirk + Chelsea said...

What, you mean to tell me you didn't enjoy the vent condensation mishap?? I'm soo sorry about that! But yes, it was quite the fun evening for sure:)
p.s. Thanks for the tortilla chips earlier in the day! I would have probably died without them!