June 12, 2009


Dave and I just had a great evening! It was one of those nights with nothing on the calendar. I came home to Dave cleaning up in the garage, and I quickly jumped into the swing of things by tidying up the kitchen and rearranging the patio furniture. We jetted out to grab some dinner and go to Smart & Final, and, if time permitted...my favorite spot EVER...Target. Well, we sailed thru S&F, chowed down at Red Robin, and then scooted over to Target in Tustin where, they now have extended hours!! It was supposed to be a simple trip. Some all purpose cleaner, votives, a new kitchen dish brush, you know, the typical.

But as it sometimes happens, this night was not just any Target night! It was one of those nights where you walk out with WAY more than you had planned...and it all happens to be either exactly what you've needed all along or on sale. Or both!

Good thing we took the truck because we hauled home a new desk & hutch for the office (on sale!) and I got some sweet pillows for the couch (one of which had a teeny stain on, so I got $3 off. Never hurts to ask.) I'm stoked!! So as I type I can hear the sound of the drill as Dave sits upstairs putting it all together!
I'll post pics in the morning light.
P.S. The birdies were gone the next morning. I told Dave to leave them outside so the momma bird could maybe feed them. When we woke up the box he set them in was tipped over and they were gone. The nest wasn't disturbed though...so maybe mommy bird came and saved them? (that'll be my way of thinking they're in a happy place).